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From our loving arms to yours

How we raise our puppies and puppy curriculum

My goal is to produce family and therapy dogs that are purpose bred ethically with love and care.   Raised on a curriculum that supports cognitive development and proven to produce dogs with high self esteem, confidence in own abilities, with less chance of behavioral problems.  I have combined this with my passion for the Australian Cobberdog, raising the bar as a breed in development to produce consistent, healthy, beautiful dogs in looks, temperament and behaviors.


My dogs are a huge part of my life and I believe that they deserve to be loved and honored as a valued member of the family.  My adults live in the house, and have access to the yard, they come to brunch, go on regular walks, outings to the beach and accompany me into work environments to provide relief and comfort and easing work related compassion fatigue.


I feed a high quality diet based on whole foods, including chicken necks and wings, brisket, beef mince, sardines, eggs, goats milk, liver, emu and flaxseed oil, hemp seeds, fresh vegetables, home made chicken feet bone broth, in addition to a quality kibble and marrow bones for enrichment.


Our whelping room is within our our house, heated, clean and calm.  I am with my girls 24/7 for the first few weeks of life to support and assist with the care of the puppies.  At about 3 weeks old the puppies move to a more active part of our home, so they can experience the sights and sounds of a family life.  As we follow the development of each litter, puppies are exposed to new areas in and around our home and garden, new sights and sounds, people and activities.

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We ensure all of our puppies are exposed to the ENS and ESI program starting at 3 days old right through to day 16 for each and every litter.  Then, we continue laying the foundation and follow a focused curriculum from 3 weeks until they go home to empower and leave here knowing that the world is safe, people are kind and dogs are friendly.

I follow on from the ENS/ESI with a focused curriculum developed by Jeanette Forrey (Badass breeder) to build self esteem, confidence, and social skills that will see them excel in life in the right home.  


I evaluate temperaments of my pups and provide this information to all prospective families so we can make informed decisions on the pup that would be best matched to each family.   I want to get the foundation right from the start, not only in how we raise the puppies but by ensuring we make the right matches for families so our puppies can fulfill their purpose and reach their highest potential. 


Click HERE to learn more on Neurological Stimulation (ENS) and Early Scent Introduction (ESI)

What is it? and Why do we do it?


Puppy Training and Ongoing Support


It is so important to me that you have the correct training and support for your pup to reach their best potential that I have partnered with BAXTER & Bella where our ‘Lovelocks Family’ can receive a lifetime membership at a discounted rate.

Please click HERE to learn more

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