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Spring Hills Sunlit Daphne


S. Spring Hills Walter

D. Spring Hills Isabella

Standard (61cm/25kg)

Apricot  (Bbee)

Wavy (Cu/Cuc)

Fully Furnished (F/F)


DNA Tested clear for Orivet panel


Daphne is a true standard in height measuring 60cm at the shoulder.  She has beautiful soft silky blonde fleece coat with perfect black pigment (making her Apricot in colour by the breed standard). 

Daphne was a calm puppy and an exuberant teenager, she is a little bit goofy and doesnt realise her size.  She will often sit by my side and stare endlessly into my eyes, placing her paw on my lap (see photo above).  You cannot help but to feel LOVED when daphne is arround.

Daphne graduated from Aylwards Dog School in 2021 obtaining her obedience certificate under master dog trainer Mike Aylward. 

Daphne has mastered, sit, stay, down, long distance recall, loose lead walking, and has been used in commercial advertising shoots.


In 2022, Daphne was chosen for an advertising campaign, where her obedience skills were put to the test having to model in a studio environment under lights cameras and leaf blowers, as you can see from the photos, she nailed it!


Behind the Scenes

Daphne's Gallery

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