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The backstory

"Pippin' our resident grumpy old man (Terrier x), came to live with us initially as a foster dog, from a  Brisbane based rescue group who had managed to negotiate with a known puppy farm the surrender of 65 dogs.  I adored him the moment he was in my arms, a trembling 4 month old pup.  As he overcame fears he slowly learnt to trust people, my heart would beam each time he felt more and more confident around others.  Sadly as much as his emotional health was healing his physical health was not.  My beautiful boy Pippin was losing his eyesight and at the age of 5 years old was diagnosed with hereditary glaucoma and primary lens luxation.  Many thousands of dollars later and regular ophthalmologist appointments could not prevent the outcome, Pippin age 5 was 100% blind.  My heart completely broke for him and the prospects of him living the rest of his life without sight.

Pippin's diseases are hereditary, Pippin should never have been bred.  It is completely unethical to breed dogs that carry such devastating preventable diseases.   In these modern times with easy access to DNA testing for health diseases there is no excuse to sell puppies without having thoroughly screened the parents.  Do not fall victim for a cute pup, or an 'available now' pup.  Be smart and insist on purchasing a dog with a health guarantee from parents who have been cleared for disease known in the breed, and both hip and elbow dysplasia.  

Pippins story is a huge part to what lead me to breed Australian Cobberdogs.   With breeders committed to DNA health screening of breeding stock, the breed overall has a very high clean bill of health.   It is through these 21st century services that we can now undoubtedly guarantee our puppies 100%.

Our commitment to comprehensive health testing 

At Lovelocks we are deeply committed in ensuring the health of our puppies from birth through to maturity.


As a new breed in development breeders across the globe are working together to help keep the Australian Cobberdog free of genetic diseases.  It may take many generations before we can be certain we do not have health issues that are cobberdog specific however when breeders work together, we can all stay informed and adjust our testing and breeding plans accordingly.

At Lovelocks we extensively DNA test our own dogs for all recommended disease traits for Cobberdogs (including heritage breeds) through Orivet genetic testing.  Once we have these results we pair our dogs appropriately to ensure that our puppies will not be homozygous for the diseases that we have tested.  We are also incorporating OFA testing on HIP and Elbows and ACES eye testing for all of our own breeding dogs.  


We provide a written health guarantee for the diseases that we have tested, we are unable to provide a guarantee for diseases that are not listed, or that we against things which are out of our control, these include disease or injury resulting from improper care, environment, diet, and animal management once they leave our home.

Our breeding dogs are tested for the diseases listed below:



Further information on each test can be found on the Orivet website


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