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Our commitment to comprehensive health testing 

We are deeply committed in ensuring the health of our puppies from birth through to maturity.


As a new breed in development breeders across the globe are working together to help keep the Australian Cobberdog free of genetic diseases.  It may take many generations before we can be certain we do not have health issues that are cobberdog specific however when breeders work together, we can all stay informed and adjust our testing and breeding plans accordingly.

At Lovelocks we extensively DNA test our own dogs for all recommended disease traits for the breed panel (including heritage breeds).   We always update our dogs testing when new tests are added to the panel.  See below for our current DNA testing regime.


We also undertake both PennHip and OFA testing to get the best picture of not only laxity in the hip joint but also for conformation of the joint and socket.  We use this information to make informed decisions on which dogs to pair to improve upon the hip health in each generation, in addition all our dogs are negative for elbow dysplasia.

It is important to note hip dysplasia is epigenetic and even if parents have good hip health it doesn't guarantee your pup will.  It is important especially in the larger sizes to keep them fit and at a healthy weight, and to ensure they are exercised responsibly for their age, to limit wear and tear activities such as jumping, leaping, galloping with sharp turns and to feed them a balanced diet appropriate for their age development. 

We provide a health guarantee for the diseases that we have tested, we are unable to provide a guarantee for diseases that are not listed, or against things which are out of our control, these include disease or injury resulting from improper care, environment, diet, and animal management once they leave our home (such as hip dysplasia).

Our breeding dogs are tested for the diseases listed below:

Further information on each test can be found on the Orivet website

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