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Lovelocks Mindy Matthews


Lovelocks Mindy Matthews is the first home bred prospective breeding girl we have placed in our guardian program.  Mindy, displays a calm and connected temperament, completely clear DNA for the full Orivet cobberdog panel, straight coat and continues the line of bbee with her blonde fleece and liver pigment. 

Mindy will have only two litters in our program with the first to Merlin in late 2022 and the second in 2023 to an outside stud so we can continue this line.  More updates will come thorugh 2021 and 2022.



S. Spring Hills Roscoe

D. Spring Hills Martha

Large medium (51cm/18.5kg)

Caramel  (bbee)

Straight coat (Cu/Cu)

Fully furnished (F/F)


DNA Clear tested by Orivet

Heart Clear 2021

PennHIP and OFA for Hips and elbows completed 2023



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