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Tagalong Georgina Rose

dark red cobberdog
straight coat red cobberdog
beautiful cobberdog

Georgie is an absolute love bug, when she cuddles she snuggles right in, she has strong human focus, is always eager to please, and her super power is intense eye contact and long hugs.

A striking rich red russet coat with a gentle wave, Georgie stands out at the dog park and always receiving compliments.

Georgie loves to be by my side in the garden and invariably brings me gifts she finds or fetches.  Consistently displaying the innate nature for service work especially in an assistive role.  Georgie takes her "Go Find" requests very seriously. 

Georgie graduated from Aylwards Dog School in 2021 obtaining her obedience certificate under master dog trainer Mike Aylward. 

Georgie has mastered, sit, stay, down, recalls, loose lead walking, and has now moved into advertising and agility training.

cobberdog model
cobberdog obedience

In 2022, Georgie was chosen for an advertising campaign, where her obedience skills were put to the test having to model in a studio environment under lights cameras and leaf blowers, as you can see from the photos, she nailed it!

Georgie's Gallery

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