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Australian Cobberdogs

"A gracefully athletic and balanced dog, free of exaggeration, with a luxurious non-shedding, odourless coat. They are generally recognized by furnishings with the “groomed look” a fresh rounded appearance rather than droopy.  Their innate desire and aptitude for training, is expressed through their sociable, joyful and friendly nature. They have a desire for close human companionship and an instinct to seek intimate eye to eye contact"

The Australian Cobberdog has been developed by a core group of foundation breeders, who have as their primary focus, the temperament and health of the dogs whilst striving toward the long term vision for the breed.​  The vision for the breed to produce true to type companion animals with characteristics that make for an ideal family companion, support or therapy dogs. 


Characteristics include:

-     Innate desire and aptitude for training

-     Strong human connection (intuitive)

-     Seek sustained eye contact

-     No to low shedding 

-     Hypoallergenic coats

-     Fun loving, social, gentle behaviour

about australian cobberdog

Martha at 9 weeks old

The Australian Cobberdog was officially recognized as a pure breed in development in January 2012 by the Master Dog Breeders and Associates (MDBA) Global Pure Breed registry.  (

From the Breed Standard


Measure from floor to top of shoulder at the wither.

Australian Cobberdogs come in three sizes

Miniature     33cm - 42cm             Weight: 6-13kg
Medium       42cm - 51cm             Weight: 7-22kg
Standard      51cm - 61cm             Weight: 20-35kg


Australian Cobberdogs come in a variety of colours which can be solid or parti.  From cream, through to beautiful golds, cherry red, dreamy chocolate, striking raven and black.  The official colours of the breed standard:
White, Cream, Gold, Red, Black, Silver, Blue, Brown, Cafe, Parchment, and Lilac.

Coat Type

The Australian Cobberdog is distinguished by a luxurious low to non shedding coat.  Full coat will grow to approx 4 inches long, often kept in a 'cobber' clip for ease of maintenance.  The coat itself does not hold odour or dirt and looks spectacular when well groomed and left long.  the three main coat types: 

     - Straight Fleece

     - Wavy Fleece

     - Curly Fleece

The breed standard states "visual wavy coats with furnishings are most preferred" and adds " a dense rough feeling wool coat and a flat coat with no furnishings are highly undesirable".  

Full Coat
All smiles

More information on Australian Cobberdogs a breed in development with the MDBA can be found at 

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