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Guardian Program Overview

Thank you for your interest in our guardian program.  

We offer unique opportunities for local families to be involved in the development of the breed by committing to our guardian program and welcoming a Lovelocks puppy into your life.

Our guardian program offers a supportive community with a dedicated family Facebook page as well as regular doggy play dates.   


There are many  benefits for Guardian families, they will have the 'pick of the litter' as chosen by the breeder, ongoing support and advice, with an added benefit of free care for your dog during breeding times  especially beneficial for well timed holidays.  It is a way for families to be involved and contribute to the breed development, our breeding program and our Cobberdog community.

Australian Cobberdogs have a strong human focus and it is important they are raised with a kind and loving family to thrive and live their best life.  For this reason we chose to use a guardian program allowing our future breeding dogs to go home as puppies where they will live in their forever homes.

How it works

The first step to becoming a guardian is to see if you meet the initial logistical criteria, then consider if you are willing to adhere to the requirements of the guardian contract.  Guardianship is not for everyone, but it can be perfect for those who are interested in the breeds development and agree with the guardian home purpose.

There is an upfront $1000 bond payable for the puppy.  This assists us with covering the costs such as veterinary care, microchipping, quality diet, vaccinations and dewormingThe $1,000 bond will be reimbursed to the guardian family once he/she has been retired, (desexed).  If we believe it is in the best interest of the guardian dog to not breed with him or her at all, the bond becomes the cost of the dog and is not reimbursed.

To be considered for a guardian home you:

  • Must love dogs

  • Located in Brisbane, Ipswich, Toowoomba or surrounds (within an hour of Ipswich/Brisbane is ideal)

  • Have a secure fenced yard, and agree to include the dog in your everyday life, including sleeping indoors, 

  • Have ample time to be with your dog such as retired, work from home, part time worker etc and committed to training and socializing your guardian dog

  • Willing to attend cobberdog play dates in Brisbane, and look forward to being involved in the Lovelocks community

  • Have friendly, reliable and honest communication and character

If you feel you meet the criteria we would love to hear from you to discuss the finer details, and of course meet you at our next cobberdog play date.  Please submit the enquiry form below and we will be in touch.

Guardian Family Enquiry

Thanks for submitting!

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