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Planned Honeymoon's for 2023

Lovelocks Mindy Matthews & Rutlands Lil Aslan

9 Puppies born October 11th

(Pups are all spoken for)

Aslan (Rutlands Lil Cookie Cutter x Rutlands Twinkling Star) brings in fresh genetics to our breeding program for better health and genetic diversity.

A very exciting match of two exceptional cobberdogs both with strong therapy suited traits.  Calm, gentle lower energy medium drive. 

We thank Belamekah Australian Cobberdogs for your kindness and collaboration in making this pairing possible.

Pups will be F3, medium, straight fleece coats, a nice mix of chocolate and caramel.  

upcoming litters
chocolate cobberdog
straight coat cobberdog

Lovelocks Hocus Pocus & Tagalong Georgina Rose

Due late December

(Pups are all spoken for at this time)

Pups will be F5, Large medium to small standard,

 Straight and wave fleece coats, in a variety of colours.

Georgie has a strong desire to please and is incredibly intelligent.  She has what I would describe as an assistive temperament.  Always checking in and wanting to please, she aced her obedience course, and with her striking deep red fleece coat has been used for paid commercial work.   She is a very loving family friendly dog and pups from this mating may have traits suitable for assistive work also.

Spook is a beautiful family dog with a straight fleece coat, DNA clear, as a puppy he would quietly take in his surrounds and exhibited calm considered responses to various stimulus, he holds strong eye contact and is a fun gentle boy. 

standard cobberdog mating
standard cobberdog puppy
shiny black cobberdog

Planned Honeymoon's for 2024

Spring Hills Sunlit Daphne x Tegans Moonlight Premiere (Standard Litter)

Lovelocks Magic Mabel x Belamekah The Phantom (Small Medium)

Lovelocks Glamour Girl x Lovelocks Tahoma (Mediums)

What's included


Our purchase price varies dependent on each litter, this is determined by the costs involved with that mating, the coat type and generation may also factor into the pricing structure.  Please contact us for further pricing details or refer to our RIGHTPAW Page for litter pricing.

  • Pups are DNA clear by parentage for disease for the breed (see Health Guarantee for full details)

  • Vaccinated and micro-chipped

  • Follow the ENS and full socialising curriculum (See raising puppies page)

  • Follow a preventive worming protocol consistent with recommendations for age

  • Vet checked before leaving for their new homes

  • Registered with the Master Dog Breeders Association

  • Include a comprehensive puppy starter kit that has everything you need for your new puppy and nothing you don't.  The kit will vary in items dependent on those who are local and picking puppy up will receive the Full Kit, and those who travel will receive a modified kit.

  • Discount to the BAXTER & Bella online puppy School


The health of our pups comes first and foremost, to ensure optimal puppy skeletal development we believe in delayed de-sexing.  Pups are ready for their new homes from 9 weeks old.  We can help organise transport within Australia.  At the moment we do not ship pet puppies overseas.

On occasion we may have a potential breeding quality puppy available, and are happy to work with like minded breeders either new or established to assist with the development of the breed and help others reach their breeding goals.

Lovelocks puppies from 6 weeks onward

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