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Lovelocks Hocus Pocus


Spook  at 5 weeks

spook 9 weeks.jpg

Spook  at 9 weeks


Lovelocks Hocus Pocus affectionately known as Spook,  loves to work, a quick learner, maintaining eye contact and melts into your arms.  Spook will be started with the BAXTER & Bella puppy training course as a demo dog  before being offered to a guardian home in Brisbane.  


Completely clear DNA for the full Cobberdog panel, straight coat raven/black coat and expected to mature a standard in size.  We cant wait to see how he matures and hoping once his vet work is completed and is of age will join our breeding program in late 2023. 


As a guardian dog, Spook will have a short breeding life before retiring to live with his lucky family!  If you are interested in being considered for Spook's guardian please get in contact.



S. Sharchum Willows Merlin

D. Spring Hills Martha


Raven/Black  (BbEe)

Straight coat (Cu/Cu)

Fully Furnished (F/F)


DNA Clear by parentage



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