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A Reputable Small Breeder of Beautiful Australian Cobberdogs

Lovelocks Australian Cobberdogs is located in SE QLD just west of Brisbane on a small acreage property in the Lockyer Valley.  We are a bespoke registered breeder with the Master Dog Breeders & Associates (#18408) and QLD Government (BIN0008632761342).

Our goals are to produce calm, connected, loving dogs free from aggression making excellent family companions and suitable for therapy and assistive roles in our community.   Our dogs are comprehensively health screened including hip, elbows, DNA, and temperament tested together with obedience schooled before we assess them suitable for breeding.  Ranging in size from small medium to standard, low to non shedding fleece coats, bred for temperament, exceptional sustained eye contact and strong human focus.

I have a background in Animal Science, with a 20+ year' career Managing Animal Breeding, Behaviour, Research and Education facilities, in tertiary institutions both in QLD and the ACT. I have spent several years on Animal ethics and welfare committees, oversee complex genetic animal breeding programs and a consultant for Animal House Design. Coupled with a background working for the RSPCA, I feel strongly that all animals are treated with love and respect and have a life filled with purpose.  I am extremely fortunate to have an extensive background in assessing animal behaviour, both inherent and acquired traits I utlise this knowledge when assessing puppies, and working with families to find the puppy that is the right fit for their homes.  

As a responsible small scale breeder, I only breed litters when there is demand and have the time and money that goes into raising happy, healthy well socialised puppies. 

Caramel cobberdog

Our commitment to you:

Adding a Lovelocks Australian Cobberdog to your family gives you peace of mind, we love our dogs and you will too! 

Ethical Breeder

As a registered breeder with the Master Dog Breeders & Associates (MDBA) we are committed to upholding the core values and code of ethics in both our breeding practices and professionalism with our puppy families. 

Our dogs are treated with love and respect and have an exceptional quality of life living in our home on a small acreage where they have safe spaces to run, roam, sniff and explore.  We do not kennel our dogs, rather limit the number living with us to ensure they are always included in family life, fed a nutrient dense, holistic enriching diet, engaged in meaningful activities including attending work settings, obedience and agility training, and regular car trips to the beach.

We utilize the guardian program as we believe that every dog deserves to have their own family.  Our breeding dogs have a relative short breeding period, and for our guardians its even shorter, with females having only 2 litters before being de-sexed and returned to live with their forever family.

Health Guarantee

Our breeding dogs are comprehensively health assessed including DNA screened for all known hereditary diseases relevant to the breed (for full list see HERE), hips and elbows are x-rayed and assessed for both conformation, and hip laxity scored using PennHip and OFA methods. 

We take 100% responsibility for every pup we have bred. Starting in the whelping box, ensuring a healthy clean climate controlled whelping room in our house, with appropriate traction (hip health) in the box.  A staged approach to environmental enrichment and exposure activities to ensure safe healthy play, that allows exploration in-tune with development, protecting developing puppy’s bodies from early age damages. 

Puppies are raised on a nutrient dense whole foods diet, studies have shown when puppies are started on whole, raw foods, and continue this diet into adulthood, significantly reduce the risk of allergies, skin diseases and atopy-related skin symptoms (AASS). 

Our breeding practices include age appropriate de-worming, vaccination and veterinary health check before puppies leave for their new families.

Socialised Puppy

We put a lot of time into our puppies including early neurological stimulation and follow age-appropriate focused puppy curriculum to guide, shape, and mold puppies based upon critical learning periods constantly evaluating and adjusting, to strengthen confidence, nerve strength and startle recovery.  Take a look at our RAISING PUPPIES PAGE to see how we empower pups to be the best they can be, with aims of having pups leave us with confidence the world is safe, people are kind, and dogs are friendly.  

  We want to give them the best chance of settling into life with their families and growing into confident, obedient, loving family companions.

Family Raised

Our dogs are raised alongside our family, they live in our home and have regular outings, including car trips, mountain hikes, beach picnics, work visits and obedience or agility training. 

Our pups are whelped in a climate-controlled room within our home and exposed to various areas and stimulus in the home environment including normal day to day living (tv, washing machine, vacuum, comings and goings of people).  In line with pups development, we move to outside puppy play parks attached to the house for day play and come in and settle at night after having a cuddle on the couch.  This mimics how they will live when moving to their new families and assist with the transition into their forever home.

We are breeding family companions and not yard dogs, as such our pups are raised with all the sights and sounds of family life.  We do not kennel our dogs.

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Cobberdog review

"Purchasing my prospective breeding female from Lisa at Lovelocks was seamless. She follows a structured puppy curriculum and when Nellie arrived this was highly evident. She was well-socialised, accustomed to being handled and was familiar with routines around toileting and crate training. "Lisa went above and beyond to keep me updated on Nellie’s progress and the teddy she sent with the litters’ scent (express posted to me prior to Nellie’s arrival) helped make her transition into my home a smooth one. All transfer of ownership documentation, as well as DNA papers were emailed through and Lisa has continued to provide guidance and support since Nellie joined my family."

Leah, Daley Connections Australian Cobberdogs

cobberdog testmonials

"Mindy joined our family as a part of the guardian program. She is an absolute delight and everyone who comes in contact with her falls in love. She is very human focused and is always rolling on her back for tummy rubs. Being apart of the guardian program is like joining a family of like minded people committed to the development of the breed. Lisa is amazing. She is always there for us and we feel very supported through our dedicated Facebook group and regular doggie play dates. All her dogs/puppies are a part of the family and grow up with the best start to life. Her love and dedication to all the fur babies is inspiring. We couldn't recommend Lisa highly enough.."

- Kate & Ross, guardian family

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