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A Reputable Small Breeder of Beautiful Australian Cobberdogs

Established in 2019, Lovelocks Australian Cobberdogs is located in SE QLD just west of Brisbane in the beautiful city of Ipswich.  We are a bespoke registered breeder with the Master Dog Breeders & Associates (#18408) and QLD Government (BIN0008632761342).

Our breeding goals are to produce calm, connected, loving dogs free from aggression making excellent family companions and suitable for therapy and assistive roles in our community.   Our dogs are comprehensively health screened through DNA profiling, temperament tested and obedience schooled before we assess them suitable for breeding.  Ranging in size from medium to standard,  with low to non shedding wave coats that give them the standout 'Teddy Bear' look.

I have a background in Animal Science, with a 20+ year' career Managing Animal Breeding, Behaviour, Research and Education facilities, in tertiary institutions both in QLD and the ACT. I have spent several years on Animal ethics and welfare committees, oversee complex genetic animal breeding programs and a consultant for Animal House Design. Coupled with a background working for the RSPCA, I feel strongly that all animals are treated with love and respect and have a life filled with purpose.

As an ethical breeder, I only breed litters when there is demand and have the time and money that goes into raising happy, healthy well socialised puppies. 

Our commitment to you:

Adding a Lovelocks Australian Cobberdog to your family gives you peace of mind, we love our dogs and you will too! 

Ethical Breeder

As a registered breeder with the Master Dog Breeders Association we are committed in upholding the core  values and code of ethics.  Our breeding dogs are bred in accordance with best practice as established by the scientific community and in line with Veterinary advice.  Our dogs are family, they live with us in our home and treated with love and respect.   In addition we utilize the guardian program  as we believe that every dog deserves to have their own family.  Our breeding dogs have a relative short breeding period, and for our guardians its even shorter, with females having only 2 litters before being de-sexed and returned to live with their forever family.


We take 100% responsibility for every pup we have bred.  Our breeding dogs are DNA screened for all known hereditary diseases relevant to the breed (for full list see HERE).  We are now including additional assessments for our breeding dogs (hip and elbow dysplasia, heart and eyes) to provide quality assurance to buyers .  This gives us the confidence to provide a 100% health guarantee for all puppies that we have bred.  In addition puppies are sold registered with the MDBA, guaranteeing they are authentic Australian Cobberdogs,  vaccinated, de wormed, microchipped and vet examined before leaving our home. 

Socialised Puppy

We put a lot of time into our puppies including early neurological stimulation to guide, shape, and mold puppies based upon critical learning periods constantly evaluating and adjusting, to strengthen confidence, nerve strength and startle recovery.  Take a look at our RAISING PUPPIES PAGE to see how we empower pups to be the best they can be, and follow a structured curriculum to ensure that puppies learn the world is safe, people are kind, and dogs are friendly.

  We want to give them the best chance of settling into life with their families and growing into confident, obedient, loving family companions.

Family Raised

Our dogs are raised alongside our family, they live in our home and have regular outings, including car trips, mountain hikes, beach picnics, work visits and obedience or agility training.  We are breeding family companions and not yard dogs, as such our pups are raised with all the sights and sounds of family life and city living. 

We honor our mothers by ensuring they have a quality love filled life, are treated as family, fed an optimum diet consisting of whole foods (meaty bones such as beef brisket, sardines, eggs, yogurt, goats milk, liver, chicken necks and wings, hemp protein, flax seed oil, fresh vegetables and fruits, topped off with home made bone broth) in addition to providing quality kibble.

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