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Lovelocks Hocus Pocus

spook 9 weeks.jpg

S. Sharchum Willows Merlin

D. Springhills Sunlit Martha

Standard (58cm/22kg)

Black  (BbEe)

Straight (Cu/Cu)

Fully Furnished (F/F)


 DNA clear by parentage 


Spook the next generation from Merlin, was chosen to join our breeding program, who will contribute improved coat genetics,whilst keeping the soulful, gentle nature of his sire.   A calm puppy with consistent eye contact and desire for human connection.  Spook lives with his guardian family in the beautiful bay side of Brisbane and we hope he will continue to mature into the sire he is promising to be..  


With his glorious deep black/raven coat, genetically straight, and silky to the touch, Spook joins the band of  magical blacks.

Spook is best friends to two lovely boys in his family.  We will add more about spook as time goes on.


Spook's Gallery

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